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CreteBeater® is specifically designed for the safe cleaning of tools and equipment for the diamond sawing and drilling industry, plant and tool hire as well as ready-mix trucks, precast industry and cement tankers.



Cretebeater® is the leading cleaning solution provider to the concrete industry with over 10 years experience as preferred suppliers to large corporations and the nuclear industry.

Our mission - to deliver excellent health and safety standards when washing trucks and vehicles on site.

How do we do that? We provide an intelligent detergent which is much friendlier to the environment compared to existing products on the market. Look no further, we have the right tools for the right job!


Our high quality, fully guaranteed and bespoke wash systems. You will find our service package is second to none and our systems provide you with the best and sustainable methods to comply within the industry. 

You will receive a full induction to ensure the products work the way you want it to. Our systems will help you fully control and monitor usage. We know it has excellent efficiency for water consumption and grey water recycling.

Why our system? Because our clever and secure technology is pre - programmed and tailored just for you no matter what sector of the concrete business you are in!


Our latest project has seen us supply CreteBeater® to the Diamond Sawing and Drilling industry.


Apply CreteBeater® as a foam.

Make sure the surface is

covered and saturated.

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Leave CreteBeater® to infuse for 20 to 30 minutes.

In severe cases apply another layer.

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Rinse off using a pressure washer water and brush for detailing.

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We deliver cleaning solutions to all parts of the concrete and cement industry and we pride ourselves on being able to tailor the perfect solution just for you!

With our in-house expertise, we are in control of the whole process from project conception, design and manufacturing.

We can optimise CreteBeater to suit your specific needs.

We have been involved in projects covering:

  • Improving health and safety
  • 100% water recycling
  • Drive through wash
  • Ready-mix trucks
  • Cement tankers
  • Plant equipment
  • Precast industry
  • Nuclear industry
  • Diamond Sawing and Drilling Equipment


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CreteBeater® is a registered trademark


Manufacturer of innovative cleaning solution to the cement and concrete industry and related services.

CreteBeater® is a biodegradable concrete remover and dissolver.