Ready-mix Trucks


Cretebeater® concrete remover for Ready-mix trucks has been a large part of our business and is still today a vital part of the company.

Our wash systems are used with both large and small fleet operators for safely cleaning and maintaining their fleet.


The wash-System eliminates the use of Hydrochloric Acid and significantly improves health and safety on site.


Usage can be monitored online which is controlled by a contactless card system, giving the company full control of monitoring who uses it and when. The card system allows drivers to wash at any of the sites within the company where the wash-system is installed.

Main benefits:

Improved Health & Safety on site - no more hydrochloric acid.

Reduced wash time.

Improved fleet efficiency.


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Diamond Sawing and Drilling


Cleaning Diamond Sawing and Drilling Equipment is quick and simple with CreteBeater®.

CreterBeater® can safely be used on Aluminium, Plastic, Rubber, painted surfaces and glass etc.


Simply apply CreteBeater® as a foam to the area that need cleaning and leave for 20 - 30 mins. before washing off with a pressurewasher or water and a stiff brush.


Areas that have large deposits of cement dust, re-apply CreteBeater® 2 or 3 timers and leave for 30 min. each time before washing off with pressurewasher.

Always follow Safety instructions and if in doubtt ask a supervisor or call us direct.

Precast Concrete


Cleaning forms and mixing equipment can be time consuming and you risk damaging the forms. CreteBeater® cleans in a gentle but efficient way, securing a concistant quality of your finished products.

With CreteBeater® cleaning is simple and less labour intensive, resulting in improved efficiency.


CreteBeater® can be used on all forms of metal as well as plastic, silicon and rubber forms. As the concrete is dissolved there is no need for high power pressurewasher or needleguns.


Cleaning with CreteBeater® eliminates dust, noise pollution and hand and arm vibration (HAVS).

No need to enter mixers and confined spaces, apply CreteBeater® and leave to dissolve Concrete, before washing with Pressurewasher.




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CreteBeater® is a biodegradable concrete remover and dissolver.

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